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Naturali 1day Pixie Series

"Natural" + "I" = "Naturali". Natuarli aims to reveal one's
charming aspect by enhancing the natural beauty of everyone's eyes.

We remain the same concept for Naturali's new series - 
"Naturali 1day Pixie", "to produce the most natural-looking color contacts
that almost nobody will notice". Not only we keep our signature design concept,
but we are also very proud to introduce new features in Naturali
 1day Pixie:

sophisticated colors will give you an attractive and sophisticated eye look!
BMW 3D wrap and ultra-thin features that will make sure to keep your eyes feeling comfortable for the whole day!

Shop Naturali 1day UV Moisture Series

5 Colors (14.2 mm) 
Honey Brown
Cream Hazel
Greige Pink
Snow Gray
Ash Blue